Pest Control Services in the Greater Birmingham Area

No Contracts. No Commitments.
No Pests. Guaranteed.

Barrier 360 is pest control done differently. It’s an exterior treatment that creates a pest-proof barrier around your home so that pests can’t come inside and begin an infestation. Barrier 360 doesn’t just stop one pest – it stops the most common and most troublesome pests in Alabama. When it comes to pests in Birmingham and surrounding areas, we’re the authority on keeping your home safe. Barrier 360 covers all the following pests:

A pest-proof barrier around the perimeter of your property.

Barrier 360 isn’t your average pest control treatment. While many professional treatments will only treat your property for one pest at a time, with Barrier 360, Pest Authority of Birmingham can protect your home from 13 of the most common pests all with the same simple treatment. If you are bothered by any Barrier 360-covered pests between treatments, we’ll return at no extra charge to reassess and perform additional treatments. You stay pest free, or we’ll be back – that’s our guarantee.

Pest Authority genuinely believes we offer the absolute best pest control services in the Birmingham, Alabama, area. Why are we different from other pest control companies?

  • All-in-one pest control with Barrier 360
  • Customer Service First Philosophy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Contracts
  • No Commitments
  • No Pests - Guaranteed

All of our pest control experts are highly trained and experienced in the industry, and they’ll always be timely, polite, and professional when treating your property. You can feel free to ask them any questions you may have about our process and products so that you feel comfortable with the services you’re investing in. Pest Authority of Birmingham won’t quit until your pest problems are solved.

No Contracts. No Commitments. No Pests. Guaranteed.

Our Other Pest Control Services

When it comes to pests, we can handle pretty much anything. In addition to our revolutionary Barrier 360 treatment, Pest Authority can also take care of a variety of other common household pests and problems, including:

  • Termites
  • Wildlife Control

Pest Removal in Birmingham, AL

  • Leeds
  • Riverchase
  • Alabaster
  • Trussville
  • Meadowbrook
  • Greystone
  • Indian Springs
  • Lake Purdy
  • Centerpoint
  • Oak Mountain
  • Summit
  • Five Points
  • Avondale

Pest Authority of Birmingham is all about protecting families in our community from pest problems of all kinds. We’re proud to offer industry-leading pest control services that allow you to take back your home or business from pests for good. Living or working in a building that’s infested with pests is a terrible experience, and we believe that no one should have to accept a pest infestation. We can handle pretty much any pest problem that’s plaguing you. We’re proud to offer pest control services in Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook, and surrounding areas throughout Alabama.